A long-term illness can have devastating effects on patients and their families. Extended periods of care can leave families both emotionally and financially drained.


Nursing home expenses can exceed $72,000 dollars per year with many patients requiring multiple years of care.

Medicaid Planning

Keep your loved ones safe with the best  benefits available!

The Medicaid rules allow very specific strategies that may be utilized to protect savings from extended nursing home stays.


With professional planning, hard-earned family savings may be preserved to provide financial support for the at-home spouse and/or family members. Medicaid planning may also benefit single nursing home patients.


Medicaid planning is most effective prior to a nursing home admission. However, private-paying nursing home patients can almost always save money. The sooner you call us, the more money you will save.


Medicaid Planning requires a local Financial Planning Specialist, a local Estate Planning Attorney and Medicaid Planner trained in the rules and regulations. Together, as a team, they can create and administer a plan to minimize the financial impact of long-term care.


Find out how the Medicaid Planning regulations can benefit you and your family.


Medicaid Planning

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Why do some people in nursing homes pay full price and others don’t?

What do they know that you don’t?

The Problem


Until recently, families had to “spend down” (use their savings) before they could qualify for financial assistance. A long-term illness requiring extended nursing home care could wipe out a lifetime of savings. Most nursing home patients begin by paying for the long-term care expenses themselves but end up on Medicaid* after their own savings have been spent down.


This no longer has to be the case…

The Solution

Recent legislation has acknowledged the financial needs of family members of nursing home patients suffering from a long-term illness. New Medicaid legislation and insurance programs provide financial protection from costly nursing home care.


*Medicaid is a long-term health care assistance program administered by the states.

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